Hello and thanks for dropping by.  I have grown up on the coastal waters of Maine and worked  within the marine industry for many years.  I relocated to inland New Hampshire where the lakes are large, mountains are plentiful and the boating opportunities are substantial.    

Over the years crawling and contorting on these boats, working with many craftsmen, attending seminars, training and boat shows, has taught me what it takes to put out a great product and keep it properly maintained.  A special thanks to Jack Frost of Brightside Boat located in Northeast Harbor, Maine.  Cutting my teeth at his shop in the early years of my marine career, I learned the skills that make up the foundation in which I operate on to this day. Thanks again Jack!   

I enjoy what I do and take great pride in my work. The more I learn the more fun it becomes. 

Primarily, marine and RV electrical is my forte, but I am equally familiar with the mechanical aspects of most anything that floats and drives. I have training not just in small diesel engines from Mac Boring in New Jersey, but also have attended seminars and training for systems certifications such as Mastervolt, Marine Air, Espar, ABYC -Marine systems and Hood Canvas. Additionally I have further begun to build upon my sewing skills which has opened more opportunity.


Thanks so much, Nick

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