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What we do:


NWMI is a unique electrical service that provides very high quality wiring diagnostics, installation and repair from fishing tenders to semi custom Caterpillar C18 1000hp twin diesel powered yachts.

We also wire all construction and agricultural equipmenton-site!

If it floats, drives or digs dirt, we train and tame the electrical gremlins.

Get to know your boat inside and out with our Boat-Systems Training 'Mini-Class'!  

We will walk you through every compartment to fully explain each system for operation and maintenance 

 in a fun, easy way for boat owners of every ability. 

-Navigation MFD (multi function display) software upgrades-

-Bilge Pump wiring and float switches!

Does your float switch work?

Is it protected with the proper size fuse and wired on a 24 hour circuit?

-Boat Lift System repair-  

-Depth/Speed transducer installation-

-VHF radios-

-Stereo, satellite and radio communication antenna installation/repair-

​-KVH TV Satellite systems - 

-Interior and exterior boat lighting-

-Trailer lights-

-GPS systems-

-Electronics interfacing (NMEA 0183, 2000, Seatalk, and Seatalk NG)

-Instrument dash panels, dash rewires, fuse panels.

-Anchor windless installation-

-Solar panel charging systems-

-Custom lighting and electrical accessories-

Classic boat rewire for reliability, safety and a boat show appearance


​​-Light and heavy weight SEWING fabrication and repairs.

Custom tool rolls, wrench roll ups, bags, zip pouches, small covers, light pillow case fabric to heavy

ballistic nylon, velcro replacment, straps and webbing attachments, alternations, repairs.\


-We are trained in Yanmar small diesel engines and are very familiar

with a vast array of systems found on todays boats! 

ABYC Certified: Marine Systems

Contact us today when your toy, tool or trailer farts and coughs!